Vellag have shipped trailers, water tankers, tractors, combine harvesters, ploughs, harrows and many other things to Africa for our customers.  We have regular freight forwarders that we know and trust and done business with for the best part of a decade.

Ideally we ship everything in containers for safety and security, but some of the larger machinery has to go RoRo or by flat rack shipment.

If you have a preferred shipping company or your own ships, we are more than happy to accomodate this.

We can also airfright goods to your preferred destination.

List of countries and ports shipped to:


Country Port
Angola Luanda
Benin Cotonou
Namibia Windhoek
Burkina-Faso Ouagadougou
Cameroon Douala
Cote D’Ivoire Abidjan
Democratic Republic Kinshasa
of the Congo  
Republic of the Congo Brazzaville
Eritrea Assab, Massawa
Ethiopia Djibouti
Gabon Libreville
The Gambia Banjul
Ghana Accra
Kenya Mombassa
Malawi Dar es Salaam
Mozambique Maputo
Namibia Windhoek
Nigeria Tin Can or Apapa Ports, Lagos
Sierra Leone Freetown
South Africa Durban
Tanzania Dar es Salaam
Uganda Kampala
Zambia Lusaka
Zimbabwe Harare


 NB: Please note, that with the exception of a confirmed letter of credit, no goods are shipped without receipt of cleared funds .



Our Managing Director has travelled to many of these countries to meet customers and look for new clients.  Fiona has no qualms about being a woman travelling on her own.  As with all trips, including within the UK, just be sensible and use your head is her recommendation.  “There are areas of Bristol that I would not go to at night, similarly there are other cities where going out at night is unsafe” is her line.  “Driving in Africa can be particularly dangerous.  You need a good car and a safe driver”, she recommends.  “Driving at night on unlit roads is extremely hazardous due to other cars not using their headlights and stray cattle on the road.  It is important that you only meet people that  you know or who come with very good recommendation.  Also, meet in a well known hotel in the centre of town – going off into the sticks is asking for trouble.”

Ultimately, most people are kind and don’t wish anybody any harm but you need to be aware that there is danger out there.