Tires for export

Vellag supply quality NEW tires (tyres) in bulk to the country of your choice.

Heavy duty truck tires

Heavy duty truck tires are used on freight lorries, dump trucks, passenger buses and coaches. Different tires are used according to vehicle position: steering, axle and trailer for example. The individual tires have specialist tread patterns and reinforcements depending on the amount of load/work they are expected to bear.

Off the road (OTR tires)

OTR tires include tires for construction vehicles such as graders, trenchers, wheel loaders, backhoes and large mining trucks. The tires can be radial or bias construction.  The tires need to stand up to demanding work conditions and heavy working loads.  OTR tires are high value items but play an essential role in many industries especially mining and construction.

Agricultural tires

Agricultural tires are classified in their own right and describe tires used on farm vehicles and machinery like tractors and combine harvesters.  The tires typically have deep, wide spaced lugs to enable the tire to grip the soil.  High flotation tires are used in swampy environment and where you want to avoid soil compaction.

Dangers of old tires

Old tires dry out and can become dangerous, even if they are not being used.  It is extremely dangerous to use old or damages tires as any accidents caused are potentially catastrophic and can cause loss of life.  Tires degrade more quickly in tropical climates than temperate climates. The greatest risk of age-failure is on trailers which are not used very often. Many manufacturers recommend tires are replaced after 6 years even if they haven’t worn out.  Tires that are 10 years old should be discarded.

Timeline facts for Tires – these companies will sound familiar!

  • 1844 Charles Goodyear invents the rubber vulcanization process
  • 1889 John Dunlop patents the first pneumatic tire in UK
  • 1891 The Michelin brothers patent a removable pneumatic tire
  • 1903 Paul Litchfield from Goodyear Tire Company patents the first tubeless tire
  • 1908 Harvey Firestone invents and patents no-skid tread to improve traction
  • 1974 Pirelli introduces the low aspect ratio radial tire


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