Natural Organic Fertilizer Plant

What better use than to turn manure into fertilizer for sale or use on your own fields and gardens.

A poultry drying manure plant will dry the manure from deep litter chicken houses and process it into a dry, sterilized natural fertilizer.

  • Continuous Process
  • Bagged into 25/50kg sacks
  • Convenient and efficient
  • Good for the environment
  • Produce a natural organic fertilizer
  • Can use other types of manure such as pig, sheep and cow


Chicken manure plant

Dryer for Organic Fertilizer Plant








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Making a natural organic fertilizer from the waste out of your deep litter poultry houses is an excellent idea as a business.  There is an old English saying of where there is muck, there is brass – in other words dealing with rubbish can make you rich. By processing chicken and other animal waste into sterile pellets, this can be sold as a premium organic fertilizer to gardeners or put back onto your fields if you grow your own maize.  This makes a satisfactory cycle and maintains control over your business inputs.