Cassava Planter with Fertilizer Hopper




Cassava Planter with Fertilizer Spreader

Cassava planter 2 row with spreader


  Extra robust construction designed to last many years

  • Easy to maintain from the ground
  • Fertilizer hopper capacity 220kg
  • Distance between rows 0.82m – 1.20m
  • Daily average production 5-7 hectares
  • Distance between cassava stakes adjust from 0.40m – 1.00m
  • Manufactured in the UK with laser precision cutting

There are great advantages to using mechanisation such as a cassava planter rather than a labour force based operation.  The planters can cover 5-7 hectares in a day rather than manual planting which covers 05.-1 hectare a day.  There is also a lot less reliance on finding sufficient skilled workers who are cabable of doing the planting.  The planter will set the distance between the plants and the rows ensuring an even application of fertiliser to all the roots.  The proper distribution of fertiliser increases yields.  It will also enable a mechanised harvester to be used to further industrialise the production of cassava and increase profits.

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