Cassava Harvester with Shaker




2 row cassava harvester

Cassava harvester with shaker


  Model: ABCH/2 – 2 row harvester

Function: for the efficient harvesting of cassava/manioc

  • Extra robust construction designed to last many years
  • Precision made machines with laser sheet cutting
  • Semi tractor mounted with depth adjustment from rear support wheels
  • Large diameter edge cutting discs with full width digging blade
  • Lifting elevator with rod links

The cassava harvester is part of mechanisation of the cassava growing process.  The machine has digging blades that penetrate the earth and uproot the cassava or manioc.  The roots are then passed up the conveyor and can be collected out of the back of the machine. Like all agricultural implements that penetrate the earth, a small tractor will not have the power requirements to dig and lift the roots.  We recommend at least 100HP to use this cassava harvester.

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