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The Role Of The Water Tanker In Agriculture
The driving force behind a successful agricultural project is the use of water tankers and bowsers for fast and consistent water distribution. Farmers utilize every way possible to get water to their crops when the need arises. The convenient mobility of the tankers and their smaller counterpart, the bowser, help to transport small, medium and large amounts of fresh, clean water to any area. From large units designed to move water on the highway to smaller tractor-drawn watering bowsers that distribute water to large areas in a short time. Without these life-bringing resources farmers would be hard-pressed to provide a consistent supply of water to their crops.

A water tanker is designed to be efficient and mobile

They come in many shapes and sizes to fit any agricultural need. A large capacity water tanker is steel-hulled container that has been shaped on a steel sheet bending machine to the optimum angle. All tankers at this size have baffles inside to compartmentalize the water and prevent dangerous shifts in weight. The steel container sits atop a trailer that is oftentimes equipped for highway travel and is pulled by a rig. In large agricultural operations, a tractor-drawn tanker could be used to safely and easily transport water where the need exists. Manufacturers design 10,000 litre lorry tankers in which the rear chassis of the truck is designed to accommodate the tanker. These become one unit during installation, with easy access points on the tops and sides for access to the water or to refill the container. For any large operation demanding a significant and mobile access to water suppliers, tankers provide that assurance.

A bowser is similar to a tanker, but with better access to more areas due to their smaller sizes

There are many excellent bowsers on the market that provide a full spectrum of benefits for agricultural companies. Some are smaller than tankers but drawn the same and also highway ready. Multi-purpose bowsers help to get water to those hard to reach locations, between rows of planted crops or through groves of trees. Others can be hitched to a truck or tractor and pulled behind to transport or water crops. With side spray nozzles and the pressure from a pump, farmers can maneuver the bowser for irrigation or watering purposes.

Built to meet or exceed industry standards worldwide

Bowsers typically range in size from 1000-4000 litres/maximum capacity and feature tough, durable construction that meets or exceeds international standards of production. Along with the water tanker or bowser is a certificate of compliance that authenticates the thorough and rigid adherence to quality standards during every phase of development and production.

The many ways in which water tankers and water bowsers serve farmers

All agricultural operations require a supply of water to be regularly and consistently applied to the crops. For optimized growth, many farmers regulate and schedule watering for the time of year. Tankers provide a way for the farmer to meet their goal by delivering the water where it needs to be. Businesses that use a water tower will require a tanker for refilling; otherwise the tanker can be used to supply all of the various bowsers or watering tanks on the property.

Six ways water tankers help farmers:

•       An alternative to using a water bowser is pumping water from a nearby water supply  such a lake or pond. In a tanker the growth of algae is significantly reduced, creating a cleaner, more hygienic and ecologically friendly water supply.
•       Easily accessible due to the many output hoses and manholes.
•       Safer for employees and livestock do to enclosed casement.
•       Pressurized via pump for optimized coverage and ease of use.
•       Mobile, readily available to move water to almost any location.
•       The tankers are easy to refill and farmers can use their existing tractor to pull the tanker/trailer.

The presence of a pump forces the water out faster allowing the operator to distribute the water over larger areas. This addition is extremely helpful when performing dust management over a dry field after a harvest. The high powered jets provide more reach for the user while maximizing the coverage area.

Agriculturalists come to depend on the ready availability of water from their tankers and bowsers

The availability of a wide variety of water storage and distribution options makes finding the right size tanker for the job easy. For large companies the use of a commercial sized steel-hulled tanker is perfect for their increased production needs. Other, smaller operations utilize various versions of a tanker or bowser to easily transport water to the various areas of the business. For agricultural operations with frequent watering needs, the drawn bowser with side spray nozzles is the perfect tool. Regardless of the size of the business or their specific needs, water tankers provide a valuable service that many owners find indispensible.

Feb 2012

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