The Advantages of a Natural Fertilizer Plant

The benefits of a natural fertilizer plant

Using fertilizer is a major advantage for our gardeners, smallholders and farmers. It without doubt increases the quality and quantity of a plant when correctly applied.  We can make our own fertilizer by composting waste and animal muck or we can buy chemicals designed to enrich our soil. If you have a commercial chicken unit, have you considered making your own fertilizer as a by-product.  If you grow your own maize for chicken feed, you can apply your own fertilizer back onto the field to enrich the soil. Or you can sell it to other farmers.  You could bag it or box the pellets into 1kg boxes and sell them to gardeners as a natural fertilizer.

The advantage of making your own fertilizers are many:

  • You control the input of manure – you know where it has come from, what is in it, how old it is and what you fed your animals.
  • You don’t have to purchase fertilizer from another source so it will save you money
  • You can sell the excess pellets for a decent profit
  • You are not adding any artificial chemicals to the earth
  • You are adding a clean and sterile product to the soil rather than dumping untreated deep litter on the land which spreads disease and bad odour.
  • The problem of where to dispose of animal muck is reduced.  It can be converted into sterilized pellets or powder
  • Natural fertilizer is an organic product

The Natural Fertilizer Plant is made in the UK by a company who have been in business for 60 years.  They have designed, manufactured and built plants all over the world. By resisting the urge to relocate their factories to other countries in the 1990s like a lot of UK manufacturers did, they have maintained rigorous quality control. Built to the best design, the manufacturing plant equipment will give many years of service with very little trouble.

In the UK, chicken fertilizer pellets sell for £13.00 for 3.5kgs. That is more than a chicken costs! And there are no cold chain food management problems. A chicken fertilizer plant can be a great source of profit with socio-economic benefits of cleaning up the environment and improving the soil. A win-win solution for all.

The investment into a project like this inevitably brings great economic benefit for a town. Employment will be created from staff to sweep the shop floor, machinery operators, packers and office support staff.  Other businesses will benefit as well.  From the food suppliers who supply the staff canteen, delivery drivers and stationery shops to name a few, they will all have an increase in business when they become part of the local supply chain.

When you employ one person, you are not just creating an economic benefit for them, you spark a chain reaction where the income generated is distributed across society.  Whether it is being able to pay for school fees or purchase a new car, the increased income trickles down to other people. Investment in a factory inevitably benefits the youth as they are very suitable for employment within a factory.  Fit, strong young men need employment to provide for their families or they can rapidly become disillusioned with life and begin to create trouble.

Natural Fertilizer Plant

Natural Fertilizer Plant


  • Good for the environment
  • Good for the soil
  • Good for the profits
  • Good investment
  • Good yields
  • Good strong plants
  • Good growth
  • Good social enterprise




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Written By Fiona Johnson

May 2014