Check your tractor

Make your tractor last longer ……………… inspect it every day

Check all fluid levels:

  •             Engine Oil
  •             Coolant
  •             Fuel
  •             Other fluids

Can you see anything leaking from under the tractors?

Are there any puddles of fluid that have come from the tractor?

Check your tyres:

              • Any cuts or breaks?
              • Nuts tight?
              • Properly inflated?

Is the battery:

              • Securely attached?
              • Clean connections?
              • Good electrolyte level?

 Is anything coming loose on the tractor:

  •             Parts
  •             Nuts
  •             Hoses leaking

Are the steps clean of mud?

All the shields in place?

When the engine is turned on:

  •  Is there oil pressure in the engine?
  • Do all the lights and flashers work?


Use the operator manual – it is an integral part of your machine

Written by Fiona Johnson

November 2011

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