A Tractor Buying Guide For Africa

A tractor is a heavy machinery or equipment that is mainly for use around farms. There are things that you need to take into consideration when buying a tractor. There are also a few guidelines on tractor buying, which will make sure that you buy a tractor in the right way and for the right reasons.

When buying a tractor in Africa, things the things that you need to consider, which will determine your decision are such as

  • The intended use of the tractor
  • The area of operation i.e. nature of the terrain
  • The budget you have set aside for tractor buying
  • The model or make of tractor you want i.e. depending on the manufacturer

Having taken these into consideration, the tractor buying guidelines will provide you with further information. These guidelines are such as

  • Weight of the tractor

There is usually a lot of emphasis on the weight of the tractor. This however does not have any effect on the quality of the tractor. Heavy tractors sell more and a manufacturer can easily add weight to a tractor as per how you want it.

  • Horsepower

In tractor buying there is need to differentiate between the engine horsepower and the PTO horsepower. The horsepower of the tractor can easily determine the size. A bigger tractor has to have more horsepower. In addition, it is important to get a horsepower that will be sufficient for the nature of the work that the tractor will be doing.

  • Size

Gauging the size of a tractor using the horsepower can be misleading. This is because many manufacturers are making engines with high horsepower and fitting them into smaller tractors.

  • Lift capacity

Lift capacity is one of the most important ways of gauging tractors. This is usually through comparing factors such as lift height, pivot pin capacity, static lift capacity and lift arm capacity among many more.

  • Four-wheel drive

For those tractors that have low horsepower, it is important for them to have the four-wheel drive capability. This is especially if its operation is with use of a front loader. This will ensure that the tractor does not strain the steering system.

  • Value of resale

At some point, you will want to sell your tractor. Buying a tractor from a good brand name will ensure that you will not get a lot of trouble in the future when selling it.

Such are the guidelines that you need to follow when buying a tractor in Africa. You also need to know the various uses of tractors. You can put tractors into a range of uses in farms. This is possible mainly because it is possible to add different attachments to tractors, allowing use for various purposes and activities in the farm. These uses are such as

  • Preparation of fields for planting, which can be through harrowing and ploughing
  • Threshing
  • Planting
  • Harvesting
  • Application of fertilizers
  • Spraying of pesticides
  • Ferrying of materials from one place to another

Tractors come in handy in farms. They save on a lot of energy and time that would otherwise go to waste when doing work manually. These tractor-buying guidelines for Africa will see to it that you buy the tractor that is fit for your needs.