A History of SAME tractors

People who are serious about agriculture know that tractors are often the most important machines on any farm. Tractors are powerful vehicles that are able to transport themselves, their operators and various implements through all types of agricultural terrain. They must be dependable enough to operate for long periods of time without breaking down, and they must be able to allow the operations of a number of implements such as plows, planters and harvesters. Though there are many tractor brands in existence, SAME tractors occupy a special place in the history of agricultural equipment. These Italian-made machines are used all over the world, and they are trusted by some of the most serious farming professionals.

 The SAME company was founded in 1942 by two brothers who had to endure the ravages of World War II in order to start their company. Francesco and Eugenio Cassani had a dream to provide the world with the most powerful and efficient engines for a variety of applications. Years earlier, the brothers developed the first agricultural tractor to be powered by a diesel engine. This project resulted in a much more efficient machine than those used by the majority of farming operations at the time. After several years working on engines designed to be used in stationary applications, the brothers introduced a 10 horsepower tractor in 1948. This project was so successful that the Cassani brothers decided to focus their young company on the production of tractors with diesel engines

 One of the most interesting aspects of the SAME company is the fact that it was founded by a pair of brothers. Many similar companies are headed by powerful and influential individuals who have final say over their companies’ operations. SAME is different and, in many ways, better than these companies because of the groundwork laid by the Cassani brothers, as well as the innovations that they were able to introduce by working together.

 After World War II ended, it was important for companies to devote themselves to technology and innovation in order to keep up with the changing times. Some of the most important innovations in agriculture were developed by SAME during this time. Of course, the Cassani brothers introduced the first diesel-powered tractor, but they were not finished innovating. In the early 1950s, the company experimented with some new, modular engine designs. This resulted in the first four-wheel-drive tractor ever to be produced. Some of the other innovations produced by SAME through the years include synchronized transmissions, power-assisted steering and a 3-shaft gearbox. The company continues to lead the agricultural world in innovations to this day.

 Over the years, the company acquired some other tractor brands. Lamborghini, Deutz-Fahr and Hurlimann are examples of the brands owned by the company. These brands were acquired so that the company could absorb various technological innovations and design aspects of the other brands.

 These days, the SAME company produces a wide range of dependable tractors. Some of the models available include:

 -Solaris 35, 45, 55 which are perfect for small farms, large gardens and smaller implements

-The Dorado Series which is ideal for pulling heavy implements and objects in tight spaces

-The Explorer Series which is designed to incorporate the latest innovations for plowing, haymaking and various combination applications

-The Iron Series which combines heavy-duty power with technological innovation for a number of applications

-The Diamond Series which are considered to be the top of the line of SAME tractors, and are ideal for all medium to large-scale farming operations

 The SAME company has been responsible for many of the innovations enjoyed by farmers today. As the future approaches, the company will surely introduce new enhancements to keep its tractors on the cutting edge of agriculture. As a result, the dream of the Cassani brothers will live on through the company’s continued success.

Written by staff writer

October 2012