A history of John Deere

John Deere Tractor Logo

John Deere Logo

For 175 years, the John Deere company has been manufacturing some of the most innovative and powerful farming equipment in the world. The company has a sterling reputation in its industry and it is well-known for setting the standards that other companies follow. The company began by producing the first cast-steel plow, which completely revolutionized farming. These days, Deere makes numerous products including combine harvesters, cotton harvesters, sprayers, planters, UTVs and, of course, tractors. Though the first cast-steel plow was the implement that put Deere on the map, its line of tractors is what makes it the world’s leading manufacturer of farming equipment.


Historical Perspective

 The Deere plow was introduced to the world by its namesake in 1837. Throughout the 19th century, Deere concentrated on producing plows and other implements for farming. However, the turn of the century brought changes to the company that would turn it into one of the planet’s best-known manufacturers. By the early 1900s, Deere was experiencing competition from other makers of farming equipment. As a result, more products were added to the company’s line. The most important product introduced during this time came about in 1912 when company president decided to expand into the tractor business.


Some Notable Deere Tractors

  • The Waterloo Boy
  • Model D
  • GP Tractor
  • Model M
  • Model R
  • The 4020
  • The 8010
  • The 60 Series
  • The TEN Series



 The Deere company has continually been the standard bearer for tractor design and manufacture throughout its years as a maker of tractors. The reason why the company is so well-regarded for its tractors is that it is constantly been on the cutting edge of new design innovations. The company was responsible for introducing one of the first two-cylinder gasoline-powered tractors, and it was instrumental in making rubber tires a standard. Other Deere tractor innovations include:

  • Four and six-speed transmissions
  • Electric lighting and starting
  • Efficient diesel engines
  • Live hydraulics
  • Roll-Guard protection frame
  • Hydrostatic drive transmission

Although Deere did not necessarily invent all of these innovations, the company was responsible for perfecting them and making them more useful. Deere has certainly had its competitors over the years, but thanks to the company’s innovative outlook, no other tractor manufacturer has been able to reach the level of popularity that Deere has. One additional innovation that has made the company famous is the notable green color that most of the company’s tractors and other products wear proudly.


 Tractors are useful for farmers, but they are, perhaps, most useful for their ability to pull and power other implements. Of course, numerous types of plows are available, but some other important attachments are accessible, as well. These include planters and harvesting equipment as well as wagons and machinery designed to be powered by the tractors’ PTO, or power take-off, systems. To make the tractors even more versatile, loaders and diggers are available, also. Deere makes powerful tractors, but more importantly, the company makes tractors that can interface with an almost infinite number of additional implements.

 The Final Word

 There are many manufacturers of farming equipment in the world, but there is only one John Deere. For an amazing 175 years, the company has been responsible for leading the way in the farm equipment industry. Thanks to the company’s innovative and dependable products, farmers are able to produce the great bounty that the planet’s population enjoys.

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                                                                                                              Article written March 2012