10 things you didn’t know about sugarcane

 1.   It is a tall perennial grass                                                                                                           2.   Sugarcane is a major industry in South Africa, Brazil, China, India and the USA
3.   Can be harvested by hand or machine
4.   Sugarcane is planted in furrows horizontally or at a 45 degree angle
5.   It takes between 12,000 and 25,000 stems to plant 1 hectare of ground
6.   Molasses used to be used as a fertilizer
7.   Molasses can be turned into rum, ethanol and vinegar
8.   The fibrous residue left after sugar cane is called bagasse
9.   Bagasse is the main source of fuel in sugar factories
10. The average American consumes between 90 and 180 pounds of sugar each year

Sugar cane ready to harvvest

Sugar Cane







Written by Fiona Johnson

8th July 2011

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